Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation or something more criminally serious, the best way to protect your rights and your future is to hire an experienced Conshohocken criminal defense lawyer. The Commonwealth frequently over-charges good people on evidence that may be weak or completely invalid, and an attorney can work to fight the charges you face. Philadelphia-area defense attorney Michael Fienman provides discreet yet aggressive defense so that you avoid the worst penalties. At Fienman Defense, we work to protect your future.

We are conveniently located with offices in downtown Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County. For our Conshohocken clients, we would be happy to set up a free legal consultation at our Blue Bell office. Don’t have the time to meet in person initially? We can work with you by phone or email to learn the details of your legal situation and begin building your case. Our number one recommendation? Don’t delay in hiring a Conshohocken criminal defense lawyer. The sooner you call, the better. We are available 24/7 to help in an obligation-free legal consultation at (610) 828-3338. You’re also welcome to use live chat or email to reach us.

What kind of offenses does Fienman Defense handle?

Conshohocken Traffic Defense

If you have been pulled over while driving I-76, I-476, or surface streets, it does not mean that you have to pay your ticket and move on. A Conshohocken traffic ticket can be costly, both now and into the future. Court costs and fines can amount to hundreds of dollars, and a single ticket can have a long-term negative impact on your auto insurance premiums over the course of many years. Pennsylvania has a point system for moving traffic violations, and paying a ticket – an admission of guilt – will add points to your license. If you accumulate six (6) points, you will have to pass a written point examination. An additional six (6) points on your license will require you to attend a departmental hearing where your driver’s license may be suspended or you may be required to take a special on-road driver’s exam. You face an automatic driver’s license suspension if your driving record reaches 11 or more points. While a first-time speeding ticket might not seem problematic now, it’s best to mitigate the consequences for your license before a ticket becomes an issue.

Conshohocken DUIs

Getting pulled over for a Conshohocken DUI can be an extremely stressful matter. You face potential jail time, expensive fines, and suspended driving privileges if convicted, even for a first-time offense. On top of that, you might be concerned about other consequences, such as a criminal record, loss of employment, difficulty finding future employment, and the impact this may have on your family and friends. This is where a Conshohocken DUI lawyer can help you. Having worked in this area for years, I am in these courts on a daily basis representing clients on charges ranging from traffic infractions to serious felony charges.

As your Montgomery County DUI attorney, we would sit down and go over the details of your case, read through the police report and any law enforcement cruiser footage of your stop. We would also go over the following:

  • Were any of your constitutional rights violated in the process of charging you with a Montgomery County DUI?
  • What were the results of your blood or breath test, and were they conducted properly?
  • Were you subject to any field sobriety tests?

We’ll go over all of this and more. I will also work with the prosecution to see what evidence they are using in your case. Many times evidence can be ruled inadmissible depending on how it was obtained or if the evidence is even valid. I will fight for the best possible outcome in your DUI case, and in some instances I am able to negotiate for a dismissal of charges.

A Conshochoken Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

We help clients who have been charged with crimes, but also those who think they’re being investigated for offenses. The Pennsylvania criminal process is complex, and it can be hard to navigate without someone who is an experienced Montgomery County criminal lawyer. Whether you have been charged with a drug crime or something involving multiple parties or potential victims, I can help you. I provide aggressive, thorough defense so you can avoid the worst penalties you face and move on with your life.

Ready to learn more? Call me today at (610) 828-3338. I’m available 24/7 to go over the details of your legal situation and walk you through your options. This initial consultation is completely free and will give you a sense of how I can help you.