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Crime occurs in any number of ways in Montgomery County. With drunk driving, cases of theft, and drug trafficking occurring throughout the county, police, state troopers, and other law enforcement officers are keeping a keen eye out for Hatboro crime. If you’ve been charged with a civil violation, misdemeanor, or felony offense, no matter what the charge it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced Montgomery County criminal defense attorney to defend yourself against the worst possible criminal penalties in Hatboro.

At Fienman Defense, we have helped numerous Hatboro residents defend themselves against allegations of DUI, theft, fraud, arson and drug crimes, to name a few types of common Montgomery County charges. We know the damage a conviction can cause and the pain it can give rise to in family and friends. That’s why we’re here to defend you against your charges. Whether you’re facing hundreds of dollars in fines, years of incarceration, or loss of reputation, Fienman Defense can protect you from the worst penalties resulting from criminal charges.

How the Justice System Works in Montgomery County and Hatboro

Facing criminal charges can be a time-consuming and complex process, especially in cases where evidence needs to be collected, testimonies gathered, and paperwork filed. Dealing with police, investigators, and lengthy hearings only adds to the complexity of preparing your case and of protecting yourself in the process.

But with the help of an experienced Montgomery County criminal defense attorney, you’ll be guided through the Hatboro justice system and coached on how to protect your best interest. Because anything you say to a law enforcement officer can and will be used against you, it’s important to have an attorney at your side whenever you’re being questioned.

Why the Montgomery Criminal Defense Attorneys with Fienman Defense May Be Your Ideal Choice In Court

At Fienman Defense, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients receive a fair trial, personalized attention, and a strategic defense. We know that not every case should go to trial, and in such cases, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you receive a fair settlement. However, if trial is the best course of action, we’ll defend you against false allegations and fight to call into question a prosecutor’s case.

We’re committed to ensuring that each of our clients receives a fair trial. This means that he or she is presumed innocent unless proven guilty; that state and federal laws are followed in the course of the proceedings; and that the prosecution is prevented from using evidence that was collected in an unlawful manner.

In order to build the strongest possible defense, we work with each of our clients individually to ensure that we have a full understanding of his or her case. Through personalized, one-on-one consultations, we are able to build a strong attorney-client relationship, and with it, a stronger defense.

How the Experienced Montgomery County Defense Lawyers at Fienman Defense Can Help You

Facing criminal charges in Hatboro can be a complex process, involving paperwork, investigators, legal documents, and possibly hearings. Because so much is at stake in many criminal defense cases, it’s helpful to enlist the support of an experienced Montgomery County criminal defense attorney to best defend your individual case. Whether you’re facing a civil violation for a traffic offense, a misdemeanor charge for a DUI, or a federal crime, the skilled Montgomery County criminal defense attorneys at Fienman Defense are here to help you through personalized attention, skilled legal counsel, and a strategic defense. To speak with one of our attorneys today and to receive a free, initial evaluation of your case, call us at (610) 828-3338.