Upper Dublin Township Criminal Defense Lawyer


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You or someone you know could require legal representation if you are being charged with a violation of the law or being accused of a crime in Upper Dublin Township. There is an array of legal procedures mandated by Pennsylvania state and federal laws that must be taken into consideration when defending yourself against a criminal defense charge.

When you are confronted with a criminal charge in Upper Dublin Township, take defensive action. Although this can be a frightening experience for you and your family, Fienman Defense will patiently listen to your case and work to prepare the best possible outcome. Michael Fienman has had comprehensive experience handling offenses including assault and domestic charges, DUI charges, drug charges, and marijuana crimes, fraud charges, juvenile crimes, sex crimes and crimes against the public and peace.

If you are being charged with a violation of the law, Fienman Defense will work with you to give your case the best representation needed to reduce your penalty or potentially drop the charge against you.

It is in your best interest when being faced with a criminal charge to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area who has an understanding of local and state laws. Michael Fienman will work with you to give your case the best defense it deserves.

Traffic Violations and DUIs in Upper Dublin Township

Charges of driving under the influence needed to be taken seriously. If you are being charged with a DUI in the Upper Dublin Township area, don’t delay in contacting an experienced lawyer who can represent you. When you call today, your case will be handled professionally and fast action will be taken to defend you.

Fienman Defense is an established and reputable firm which serves all townships in Montgomery County. A DUI or any other traffic violation conviction can carry serious repercussions, including suspension of your license, hefty fines and serving mandatory jail time.

Michael is an experienced defense attorney who understands the elements of the offense and will work to ensure the verdict results in your best interest. He will work diligently with you to avoid jail time and either drop or reduce the charges against you.

Juvenile Crimes

Sometimes when young people experiment with drugs, alcohol or take part in other illegal activities, they are never caught. Other times you, or your son or daughter aren’t as lucky. If you or your child is being charged with a crime, this can be a terrifying ordeal, especially if jail time and fines are punishments with which you may be at risk for facing.

In Pennsylvania, the juvenile court system operates separately from other courts. A juvenile being charged with a crime does not necessarily have all the rights that an adult may have. Nevertheless delinquent acts are filed in a similar way to how an adult criminal charge would be filed. After yours, or your son’s or daughter’s arrest, within 72 hours a preliminary hearing will be held to determine whether or not they can go free.

That is why is it important never to delay in finding an experienced attorney in your area who can defend you or your child in court and thereby minimize the penalties with which you could be charged.

If you or a your child is at risk for being tried as an adult, a skilled attorney will attempt to move the case to juvenile court.

Theft Crimes

In Upper Dublin Township, theft is subject to additional definitions and could include the unlawful taking or disposition of property, deception, extortion, receiving stolen property, theft of services, library theft or criminal trespassing.

There are different degrees of theft but offenses are typically graded on third, second, and first degree charges. Depending on the offense you committed, you could be facing jail time and harsh penalties that will have severe effects on your permanent record unless you have an experienced criminal defense attorney working beside you every step of the way.

If you are facing a theft charge, it is paramount to never delay to protect yourself. The truth is investigators will often be working to build a case against you when handling theft cases without your knowledge.

An experienced Upper Dublin Township criminal defense lawyer will work quickly to defend you and guide you through the legal process. Fienman Defense will always ensure that you have the necessary evidence needed with which to defend yourself in court.

If you are being suspected or being charged theft, you need to contact a defense lawyer from Fienman Defense. Michael will best explain the options you have in order to minimize the consequences you could be facing. He will safeguard you from the drawbacks that could occur when you answer questions without representation.

If you are a resident of Upper Dublin Township but you have been charged in another township, please contact Fienman Defense at (610) 828-3338. We serve all townships in Montgomery County. Feel free to example your search to other counties we serve, such as Delaware County, Philadelphia County, and Bucks County.