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Facing criminal charges in West Norriton Township is a stressful time for both the accused and their loved ones. The criminal justice system in Montgomery County is full of technical complexities and navigating it successfully requires years of training and dedication. To secure the best possible outcome in your criminal case it’s important to contact a West Norriton Township criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Michael Fienman of Fienman Defense is a dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County who combines his legal experience and knowledge of the West Norriton Township court system to skillfully and successfully represent his clients.

Fienman Defense staff in Montgomery County is available at any of our four convenient locations and can also be reached by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (610) 828-3338>. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

If you’re facing charges in West Norriton Township it’s important not to wait to contact an experienced defense attorney. The sooner you call, the better your lawyer can represent your interests and the faster your case will likely be resolved.

Fienman Defense has represented criminal clients facing a range of charges from small traffic violations to serious felonies. Our caring staff has the experience and resources to represent your interests and guide you through the criminal justice system no matter what type of charge you are facing.

Theft Crimes

If you’re facing charges for a theft crime in West Norriton Township, you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. Theft crimes can range from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies depending on the value of the stolen property. Defendants convicted of a theft crime face possible jail time, including:

  • Up to 1 year in jail where the value of the property involved is less than $50
  • Up to 2 years in jail where the value of the property involved is between $51 and $199
  • Up to 5 years in jail where the value of the property involved is more than $200
  • Up to 7 years in jail where the value of the property involved is more than $2,000
    • An experienced Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer will guide you through your case from beginning to end if you have been charged for a crime in West Norriton Township, fighting for your interests and ensuring your rights are upheld.

      Prescription Drugs

      Over prescribing and prescription drug abuse has risen steadily in recent years, and many communities rely on law enforcement and the criminal justice system to combat this growing problem. If you’ve been charged with the unlawful possession of a prescription drug or with obtaining a prescription by fraud, you could face serious consequences, including incarceration and hefty fines.

      Additionally, a felony drug conviction may end in a court ordered treatment program, years of probation and random drug testing or other monitoring, or difficulty securing employment or student loans.

      Why Contact a Montgomery Criminal Defense Lawyer?

      Whatever criminal charge you may be facing, don’t risk the lifelong consequences of a conviction. Contact Fienman Defense where our attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome in your case, fighting for your rights and your interests from the moment you contact us through the conclusion of any necessary appeal.

      We know the law and we know West Norriton Township, giving us the legal experience and local knowledge to build you the most effective defense possible.

      If you are a resident of West Norriton but you have been charged in another township, please contact Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer, Michael Fienman at (610) 828-3338. Fienman Defense serves all townships in Montgomery County. Feel free to example your search to other counties we serve, such as Delaware County, Downtown Philadelphia, and Bucks County.