What You Need To Know About Meeting Or Overtaking A School Bus

In Pennsylvania, you must stop within 10 feet of a school bus, whether you are both driving on the same road or whether you encounter the bus at an intersection, if the bus is flashing its red lights and displaying a stop sign to indicate children are leaving or boarding the bus.

You can only proceed when all the children have reached their place of safety. The bus’s red lights should no longer be flashing and its stop sign should no longer be out.

  • A police officer does not have to be present for you to be ticketed for failing to stop for the school bus.
  • School bus drivers are required to report the violations they observe, and that report must be filed within 48 hours and include the driver’s license number and vehicle color as well as the time and location of the violation.
  • If the police believe the bus driver’s report provides a sufficient basis for a charge, they will see that you receive a citation.

If you are found guilty, the penalties will be steep. You will have five points added to your driving record and your license will be suspended for 60 days.

How A Lawyer Will Help

When you are up against a traffic violation, you need an attorney who will stand by you every step of the way, work hard to discredit any evidence – and work with you to determine your best course of action.

Pennsylvania Traffic Violation Law

Traffic violation is described and defined under The Pennsylvania Code under Title 75. Read the code here.

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Based on the evidence, Fienman Defense will try to get your traffic violation charges dismissed or lowered. Should the case go to a hearing or trial, we will fight to present the strongest defense possible for your situation.