Violation of Probation


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In Philadelphia, Family Court and the police are cooperating to tighten control over juveniles who violate probation or miss their court dates. If your child violates the terms of his or her probation, they face consequences that include juvenile detention. A defense attorney who is experienced in juvenile law can help lessen the harsh penalties.

Juvenile Violation Of Probation

In Pennsylvania, minors are frequently sentenced to probation for juvenile acts.

While they are on probation, they have to follow rules such as checking in with their probation officer, keeping to a curfew, attending court-ordered programs, staying away from gang members, taking drug tests and attending school. The terms of each juvenile’s probation can vary depending on the circumstances of their case.

If your child does not follow the requirements of their probation, they can be found to have violated probation. If so, the court has the option of changing the terms of their probation or revoking it.

Consequences of probation violation can range from a warning, orders to attend programs, electronic monitoring and community service, to juvenile detention.

The exact penalties will usually be based on the seriousness of the probation violation. If, for example, a teenager was arrested for stealing a car, they will face a more severe outcome than a juvenile who stayed out past curfew.

The minor’s probation officer will probably play a role in deciding what the consequences should be.

A probation officer can file a violation of probation request with the court that leads to a hearing. The judge will examine the evidence and determine whether or not a violation of probation occurred. The judge will make a final determination on the penalties.

How a Philadelphia Probation Violation Attorney Will Help

If your child is arrested, you need an attorney who will stand by you every step of the way, work hard to discredit any evidence – and work with you to determine the best course of action.

Pennsylvania Minors Law

Laws for minors are described and defined in The Pennsylvania Code under Title 18, Chapter 63. Read the code here.

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Based on the evidence, Fienman Defense will try to get juvenile charges dismissed or lowered. Should the case go to a hearing or trial, we will fight to present the strongest defense possible for your situation.