Drug Crimes & Charges


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Drug crimes are among the most frequently prosecuted offenses under federal laws. If you are indicted for transporting illegal drugs across state or US borders, manufacturing, trafficking or some other drug crime, a determined federal prosecutor will be relentless in building a strong case against you. And he or she will fight to impose the maximum penalties.

Federal Drug Crimes

 State Versus Federal

Drug crimes violate both state and federal law, and they can be prosecuted in either Pennsylvania or federal court.

Your case is more likely to be tried in a federal court if it involves large quantities of drugs or transporting large quantities of drugs across state lines or international borders.

If you were found with illegal drugs, your attorney will check to make sure that federal laws were followed when law enforcement seized them or searched your home. If the correct procedures were not adhered to, your lawyer may be able to file a motion to suppress the evidence.


The federal court system uses complex sentencing guidelines to decide how someone convicted of a federal crime will be punished.

  • Federal criminal offenses are slotted into 43 different levels. Additionally, points are assigned to a convicted individual based on factors such as their prior convictions.
  • Based on the combination of these elements, you will fall into one of four sentencing zones that each has a specific range of time that you will have to serve in a federal prison.
  • The sentencing judge can also increase or reduce a sentence due to additional or mitigating factors.

Federal Court System

The federal court system is complex, and its procedures are significantly different from those in state and local courts. Most criminal defense attorneys do not try cases in federal court. It is critical to be represented by an attorney with federal court experience who has a thorough understanding of the unique sentencing guidelines and processes.

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