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Technology, like phone cameras and computers, has put child pornography images squarely into an increasing number of people’s hands. These images are easily found online, and when they are sold, distributed or viewed on the Internet, offenders can face federal charges that draw stiff prison sentences.

The humiliation of being labeled a child pornography offender reaches into every aspect of your life. From your employer, who has the right to look at the images on your computer, to your spouse, family and friends, you will face stinging disapproval and severe repercussions.

If you are indicted for a federal child pornography offense, you need to immediately retain an experienced defense attorney.

Federal Child Pornography Charges

You can face federal child pornography charges if you view, sell or distribute child pornography from the Internet, including downloading child pornography or emailing links to it, or you mail it over state lines. Even if the image you viewed was not sent over state lines or international borders, you can still be indicted if the computer used to download the image was constructed outside of Pennsylvania.

People overseas are also prohibited from to knowingly producing, receiving, transporting or distributing child pornography in the US.

Federal law makes it illegal for a parent or legal guardian to buy, sell or transfer custody of a minor so the minor will be pictured in child pornography.

Child pornography can be a state or a federal offense. You can be prosecuted under federal law along with, or instead of, Pennsylvania child pornography laws.

If you violate child pornography law, you face years in prison. If you have prior convictions, or if the pornography depicts violent or sadistic acts, you face additional jail time.

How A Pennsylvania Child Sex Crimes Lawyer Will Help

When you are up against a child pornography charge, you will be facing inflexible laws and a determined US prosecutor. You will need a Pennsylvania child sex crimes lawyer who can help you determine all of your options and achieve the best outcome for your circumstances.

United States Code

Read more about federal criminal offenses in the United States Code.

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