Federal Tax Evasion

Federal law makes it illegal to avoid paying taxes that you owe. The law includes tax evasion by individuals, corporations and trusts.

It is illegal to:

  • Evade paying the taxes you owe to the federal government
  • File a false tax return that under reports your income
  • Declare less profit and gains then actually earned
  • Overstate deductions
  • State false deductions
  • File false documents
  • Create false tax shelters

The government does draw a difference between making a mistake on your taxes and tax fraud. Auditors will be looking for willful and deliberate misconduct – not math errors or carelessness.

In particular, they will be looking for evasive actions such as concealing assets and understating income.

If the IRS audits you, in most cases they will only seek to collect your back taxes plus interest and penalties. However, if, after the audit, they conclude you have committed tax evasion, they may either impose a large civil tax fraud penalty or turn you over to their criminal investigators.

If the federal government is investigating you for another federal crime, they will often go over your tax returns too. They will be looking for large expenditures that exceed your reported income, and if they find them, they will consider it to be a clue you have been receiving income from illegal sources. Additionally, you can be at risk of tax evasion along with the activities they allege you committed.

Individuals convicted of tax fraud can fined up to $100,000 (a corporation can be fined up to $500,000) and/or sent to a federal prison for up to five years. You will also have to pay the costs to prosecute each separate tax crime.

How A Philadelphia Federal Lawyer Will Help

When you are up against a tax evasion charge, you will be facing inflexible laws and a determined US prosecutor. You will need a Philadelphia federal lawyer who can help you determine all of your options and achieve the best outcome for your circumstances.

United States Code

Read more about federal criminal offenses in the United States Code.

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